Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Twice a day at 1 Utama

I have a stack of instax films that have been sitting around at a corner of my table for 2 weeks and another stack somewhere in my drawer. When I was still in Singapore, I have this idea to paste them on my wall. But somehow I just don't buy into that idea anymore and I left them there untouched. Until few days ago, I decided to get some inspiration from Pinterest again!!! 

So when I went to 1 Utama to meet up my ex-colleagues, I was determined to get all the materials that I need. But when I got home and completed the whole thing, I realise something, I do not have enough tiny little wooden clips to clip my instax films!!!  

Sometimes I can be so caught up in the things that I do, I will want to complete it no matter what! And guess what, I went back to 1 Utama that day itself again to go and get the wooden clips. Just to find out they were sold out!!!And will not restock until mid of November... TT I was super duper down when I found out that I couldn't finish my instax wall. And honestly speaking, part of me want to go Melaka to get those clips.

The second trip to 1 Utama did not only cost my time, petrol and strength. It also dug a hole in my pocket... I ended up shopping in Kitschen.

Look at my failed posing attempts. 

p/s: I shop there twice within 5 days... ><


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