Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lying on my bed like a boss!

This what I've been up to lately, help out in church, took a part time job in a day care centre and now lying on my bed like a boss for almost 24 hours.

Since I came back from Singapore, I've been hunting for a job. But naively I did not expect job hunting can be this difficult!!!!Maybe is because I got my first job easily. I think it all happen within a month, that's why my expectation this time was superbly high. But since I have nothing to do, I was forced voluntarily went to church to help Keith Tay on some admin stuff. To tell you the truth, is really fun, the first day of work, I helped him reorganise his book shelf. It ain't easy, but I completed it! Then I help him to type out 5 lessons of CGL training teacher's manual then I compile with the other lessons and helped him to synchronise the formatting. Man! Is not easy to edit the formatting of other people's work!!! But after completing it,  I can proudly say that my Ms Word skills have improve a lot!!! I was suppose to go help him on other things yesterday, but as I said, I've been lying on my bed like a boss for almost 24 hours already, so until now I have no idea what he has installed for me. But till then, let me continue what I've done.

Last Friday when I was out with my cousin, I received a text asking me if I would like to take on a part time job at a day care centre. I was super excited!!! First of all, I need the extra money, second of all I love children, and lastly I really really really need the extra money (at least contribute something for the petrol ma~~). So I accepted the job and I was looking froward to it. I started on Monday, and I ended it on Monday too...  Because I did not expect helping out in the day care centre require so much bending!!!! I have this back injury since 4 years ago, it went bad last year after my trip to Pulau Ketam because I was bending while cycling. But thank God it became better in Singapore. But I'm not suppose to sit too long or bend too much, and helping out in the day care I bended a lot. To pick up toys, carry the babies, putting them into bed, all require me to bend. That's why after my first day, I called and say I no longer can continue. I felt so bad since they desperately need people to help out... But I really cannot take it. 

This leads me to what I've been doing yesterday, lying on the bed like a boss. My back was badly injured, it hurts when I try to move here and there, that's why I spend almost every second on my bed resting. Thank God for IPad because I can watch drama and shows in bed. I was obsessed with Meteor Garden, gosh! That drama is really funny!!!! Hahaha... I know is old, but is funny, that's the only thing that matters. And when Jerry carry big S in his arm and say "as long as you say you did not do it, I believe you!" wah!!! i almost cry le!!! so touching!!!!  I also watched a lot of Kang Xi Lai Le. Since I did not watch any during my 7 months in Singapore, I have a lot to watch! Hehehe. I even have my lunch and dinner on my bed! Yes! It was that serious! But this morning I can stand up and walk longer, thank God for that!!! I'm getting better!!!!

I feel much better today, my mood is better, my back is better. Thank God for my sisters. One fake sister that came to visit and accompany me, and one real sister that is so understanding and buy me food. Love them both!!!! 


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