Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When the word "sales" appear

Somehow I can't help but to believe that there is a magic spell in One Utama that will attract me there and spend money shopping.

I went there on Monday night to have dinner with my sister since she say she wanted to have sushi. I insisted to go to Hokkaido Ichiba, One Utama because compared to the crowd, food and service that I experienced in other outlets, Hokkaido in One Utama is the best! (I will remember to take picha next time!)

After dinner and on our way to Jusco to get some grocery, we past by one of my favorite shop with very attracting and evil word that lure my attention - SALE! Puma was having sales! And a very big one! They were giving 30% off on selected items and 50% off when buy 2 and above. I can't help it but to go in to have a look. Because I wanted a pair of shoes for a very very long time but I haven't bought it yet. The last time I enter into Puma, I almost bought a pair but persuaded myself not to because I somehow felt that new designs are coming out. Although I don't really like the new designs, but my patient pay off, the shoes that I wanted was on sales!

Having that in mind, I immediately text my "fashion consultant" and book her for Tuesday since is a holiday and she do not need to work.

So we went there yesterday and man! The sales in Puma is bigger than I thought. At first I thought buy the first item on 30% and if I buy 2, the second item will be 50% off. But when we asked the promoter there, he told us is when you buy 2 or above items of the same categories, all will be 50% off! I was shocked! And there they were, displaying in front of me. One was the one I wanted previously, and the other was the one I was determined to get. My brain started to move and I calculated how much I need to pay if I buy  both. I only need to pay an extra RM30 to get the second shoes if I buy the first pair at 30% off. Long story short, I buy both shoes without any promoter assisting me to get my shoes. Hahaahahahaha!!! When you have sales, you just need cashier! XD

So here are some picha of my shoes. Will post me wearing them sometime later~  wee~~~


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