Thursday, November 8, 2012

It was smooooooooth~~

I've been in a very very very bad condition since last week. My emotions hit rock bottom after facing countless disappointments and 2 rejections from the companies that I really really hope to get in. My plan for a oversea trip next year was flush into toilet even though I tried my best to make it happen and I bloody got lost in KL. (p/s: I hate it when guys are so full of their ego and don't even bother to say sorry)

Come to think of it, I'm just being stupid. But thank God that in times like this I still have a bunch of crazies that I could hang out with. They are my Uni-DJ club mates. Some of them was there for me in times of sorrow and pain. I'm super duper glad that I went out with themlast Saturday. If it wasn't for them, I might sink myself with endless emo-ness. 

We went to have a drink at "The Sanctuary", The Curve. I don't really like to drink after I was drunk in Langkawi few years ago and since then I can't really stand alcohol smell. So when they order liqueur, I order cocktail. But they insisted me to try it out. I didn't like the first one they ordered, but the second bottle was smooooth!!!!!  It was so freaking smooth that I keep drinking! XD 

I was so high that day that my dear friend Epink said she will never ever  bring me go drinking again because she have to take care of me. Well, I have a confession, I really wasn't drunk that day, I can remember every single conversation that I made. I was being silly and stupid. All I wanted to do was have fun. And I really did have fun. That night (Or should I say morning? XD), I went to bed with a smile!

I'm really really grateful to have a night out with them at time like this. 

Before I end, here's a combination of my singing and drawing as promised in previous post. Prepare your hearts too ya!!!!! (Please mute the video and see my drawing if you really don't like my singing~~~)


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