Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Happy labour day!!! I think I'm a bit late on greeting this to everyone considering the time right now, labour day is almost over. ><

If you are a Malaysian and you have a FB account, I believe you know what is going on in this country. There are so many news to read, so many information to digest for us as the people of this nation to make our choice. I'm thankful that information can be so easily accessible nowadays, to be able to read what's going on just by a click on our devices. But on top of all, we are in need of wisdom to see which is the truth and which are lies. Is so important not to blindly believe what we read, on Facebook or in the newspaper but to get the facts right. Everyone of us have the freedom to believe what we believe and support what we support.

But despite of all that, I only pray that people would not spread fear among themselves. Is important to be precaution, but is not good to spread fear and worry for nothing. Fear hold us back from doing the right thing, and the right thing must be done for the better.

I thank God for this church I'm in, in all that we do, we love our country and we intercede for it. Because we are the sons and daughters of this land, a place I call home. Pray not for own favour, but pray for the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Pray that this land will experience the work of God and God will move on our behalf. Pray that this country will be a country that uphold Godly values and have a heart of fearing God. Pray!


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