Wednesday, May 15, 2013

peek through the door

Wanted to talk about something else today but leader's meeting was longer than I thought. So I think I'll write about it tomorrow or maybe this weekend. Suddenly all my time slot is packed and I'm planning to slot more things in! I feel like something I'm going to break free! And with this thought, I was inspired to draw the bellow drawing!

I've been in this comfort, protected shell for long enough and I'm willing and starting to breakdown the wall that hinders me to go fourth. It does not guarantee success, but it guarantees adventure! And that's what I'm looking forward too!

I talked to one of my SOT friend last few nights and I ask her what are my shortcoming. And she said this: 

You see! I'm a weird mix! When I don't know that person I'm seem like a serious person and hard to get along, hide my feelings and shut the door to my world. But on the other hand, I always show people how I feel, no matter who they are! So people will often think me as hot tempered and unfriendly...  ><

With that in mind, I have this picture came into my mind and I drew it out!

Don't you think knowing someone new is like letting the person coming into your life? And you got to be careful who you let into that door! Because they might just steal something and leave you feeling empty. Or they might just break your stuff and act like nothing happen and leave. So is tough! Is not easy! And that's why I peak out of the door and not open it before I know them better.

Oh well, still more to discover about myself!

So I shall end this with a picture of my Hong watching iPad! hahahahahaha~


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