Thursday, February 21, 2013

BACK! are you kidding?

My original plan for this hour was to act like a backpacker and walk around the streets of Singapore. Or maybe go to some fancy coffee shop and act like a classy girl reading a book or writing something on a vintage style book. Putting on my earphones and finally give myself a break from all that's been happening for the past few months. But instead of all that, I'm at home blogging.

Yes, my well planned trip to Singapore is officially over. There is no more hope for me to go there for the NCWC conference. I know I've mumble about this before, but the numerous emails from airasia and tigerairway keep reminding me of what I've missed - the first ever Women's conference featuring Lisa Bevere.

I flush this plan down the toilet for my doctor appointment about my back. Funny thing is, after a few weeks of torturing me, my back decided to get better. It wasn't ok yesterday night, in fact I was in pain, but this morning it ached for a while and no more pain, maybe a little but definitely not serious. If my back and I were separate beings, I will grab her and say "ARE YOU PLAYING A JOKE ON ME??" 

Oh well, I can't change a thing about it already, so I might as well suck it all in and wait and see what good will come out of this. 

So I went to the doctor and show him my 3 years old MRI. He suggested me to stay in the hospital and do physiotherapy, do a new MRI and see what it looks like then only decide what whether I need injection or not. And thus this will be my first stay in the hospital. Thank God for my parents, willingly and sacrificially come all the way for me and they are going to accompany me for the coming few days too. *touched* & *feel bad* 

Gonna bring my Thai CD there to revise my Thai, better than doing nothing. 


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