Saturday, February 23, 2013

Coincidence or God?

My mom says that poor people cannot afford to get sick. Well, I think is kinna true. With the medical cost so high nowadays, is not cheap to get sick. And not to forget to mention that when you are sick, you have no income. So is like a double lost, no income somemore need to pay. >< this was one of the reason I refuse to see doctor for the past few years. No offence to good doctors, but there are greedy doctors out there (quoted from one of my doctor). And when money is the issue, they will persuade you to do surgery no matter what. Therefore I refuse to see doctor, I don't trust them.

But I thank God for this doctor I'm seeing right now. He was one of my parent's student. I believe that someone that visits their teacher during Chinese New Year after so many years can be trusted. And I've read some of the reviews about him, he don't opt for surgery. So I thank God that He placed this doctor into my life. 

I mean how on earth can this be a coincident if is not God's plan. Coincidently he is my parents's student? Coincidently he is a doctor? Coincidently he met my mom a few years ago? Coincidently he is based in Subang? And on top of all that, coincidently he is an expert in this field?  I DON'T THINK SO. 

This is like the story of David fighting Goliath. If you are not familiar with this story from the bible, it is about young David took down Goliath of the philistines (the enemy). Goliath was a huge size giant, no one in the Israel army have the guts to take him down. But young David went all out with his shepherd's staff, selected five smooth stones from the brook and beat the Philistine with a sling and a stone. 

It might seem insignificant, but I believe that those 5 smooth stones are prepared by God. The stones was at the right place at the right time in the right condition. It wasn't too small or too big, it wasn't too rough but smooth from the current of the river. It is the work of God. And God did not just prepare one that David needs, but FIVE! Our God is really a God of abundance, not only He prepares what we need, He prepare more than what we need. God foresees the future and He prepares beforehand for us.

Same like the story of Jonah. He was swollen by a huge fish and was in it for three days and nights. Is it a coincident that there is a fish huge enough to swallow Jonah in? I don't think so. God must be looking after of this fish, keep it safe and feed it to make sure it will be big enough to swallow Jonah in. 

So yeah! As I believe God prepared those 5 stones and the huge fish, I also believe that God prepare this doctor for me. Nothing really happen just like that or out of luck. Praise God for that!

Maybe some of you are thinking "If God foresee the future, does it mean that I'm not making my own choice, but it is predestined by God?" Well, no. Because David had the choice to not go out and fight Goliath, but as he take a step of faith and believe in God, he can go out without fear because God had prepared what he needed, even more. Same like me, if I never decide to seek help and tell my parents, I will never know that this doctor exist. And like Jonah, he choose to run away from God, therefore the fish came and swallow him. So even though we might make the wrong decisions in life, God will try His best to bring us back, but is still your choice.

In all, take a step of faith and don't worry that you might not have what you need. Because God foresees it and He already prepare all those for you, even more.


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