Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Perfect Love Story

Have you ever experience a love story like this?

When you first heard about him, he seems perfect and all you wanted is to get to know him more. Your friends keep telling you that you guys will be perfect for each other and you yourself somehow feel the same way too. After a few interaction with each other, you seem to love him more and deep inside your heart you knew he is the one. But when you decided to be with him, you only realise sometimes love is not only about 2 person but it involves your family members. After some delay and persuasion, you finally got your parents blessings and you thought everything is going to be fine, nothing can stop you now. But destiny have another plan for you and some weirdos just have to come along and pull you guys apart. You become a bit disappointed, a bit discouraged and you thought of giving up. Then this other guy appear, and it seems easier to get over the past and start a new relationship. But it doesn't feel right and you decided to go for it one last time and your hardwork pay off and you are now with your dream guy.

Sound like a TV series story line? Well, it happened in real life! Between me and my iPhone 5!!!

Yup! You have no idea how much trouble I've been through just to get this phone. Went to "Xamis" center for 5 times, called and complained to their customer service center and shouted at their sales person demanding for a solution. I seriously thought of giving up my iPhone 5. But thank God my persistant pay off, finally got my iPhone and enjoying it.

It don't seem right, but I got to say I'm proud of myself settling this issue with the service provider. Normally there will be someone handling things like this for me. But this time, I did it myself!!! Hehehehehe... Maybe I'll share my experience, maybe not.

Anyway, with my iPhone in hand, I Instagram more and maybe I will tweet more too! So do follow me at Instagram and tweeter, both under @sqlim to see my latest updates.

P/s:: my back is getting a bit better, but do keep me in prayer so that I can receive healing and go back to work next week. The fact is I'm not well, but the truth is my God heals!!!!


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