Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My spiritual parents

When the world started to release their arrow of judgement and condemnation towards the couple. I stand at the side with them receiving the attacks from others who call us blind and brain washed. I kept silence when the case opens another chapter back in 2012, I walked away when I faced the reporter, I kept silence when people question me about them.

Few years back, I was one of those who questioned about it. Before understanding more about the cultural mandate and knowing more about this couple that lay down their life for God, I was one of them who question if it is appropriate for a Pastor's wife to dress like that, sings like that, in all to be in the entertainment world. To me it was, like others would say, too sexy and too revealing. I wondered too if what she was doing was appropriate, but I did not get the answer after few years later when I humbly come back to Christ again. Don't get me wrong here, I left church that time for personal reasons, it wasn't because of them. Christianity is my personal relationship with God, it will not be affected unless I decided to let it be affected.

I was willing to clap my hands and celebrate when a celebrity accept Christ. I rejoiced as finally there is a glimpse of light in the entertainment world which I considered as darkness. But when a Christian decided to step into the entertainment world, I called  it evil, obsessed with money and fame, consumed by the world. 

Why is there a double standard? Can't a Christian have the calling in life to bring the light into the darkness instead of just praying for a miracle of a glimpse of light to appear? Does not Jesus eat with the tax collectors? Jesus did not suddenly appear among the tax collectors, but He went into their crowd and saved them.

God gracefully opened my eyes and let me see that what she was doing was beyond what I thought. What I couldn't see from the music video was the hours she spends training her singing skills and dance movements. What I couldn't see from the numerous music awards she got was the souls and lives she had brought into the Kingdom of God. What I could not see from her glamorous lifestyle was the condemnation slapped on her face for crossing over. What I could not see from those bad comments about her was her heart that loves Jesus. It wasn't that much about her career in pop music or the dress she wears, but the life and sacrifices she made for Jesus.

I thank God that they obediently cross over. Without them doing so I may not be who I am today. It is because of them I have a spiritual family, I have a church that I call home and most importantly I have a personal relationship with God. So no matter what happens in the future, it will not affect my love towards God, my believe in the crossover project and my gratitude and love towards them. I'm proud to say that they are my spiritual parents.

Pastor Kong and Sun, I love you and thank you. Looking at your lives it impacted me a lot, beyond words can describe.


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