Monday, March 25, 2013

Earth Hour - FAILED!

Yes, I'm guilty for not supporting earth hour this year. The truth is, I totally forget about it and was watching anime until my sis told me around 9 p.m. So as an effort to show my support, I went around the apartment to off all the lights. But minutes later my mom and my sis switch them back on because they say they can't see. ><

So I forget, I tried and I failed. Oh well, I shall save the earth some other time! haha.

If you've been following me on my instagram, you would have figure out that I'm very in to sketching/doodling/drawing (call it whatever that you like) lately. Thanks to Black Sesame I found this new love of mine. Been drawing for a week already and started to record my daily thoughts and life through drawing.  I posted 2 of it in my previous post. You can catch more of it in my instagram! So do follow me @sqlim !

One last thing! I've join a blog competition for the first time of my life! I know my chance of winning is very thin, but then please show me some support and vote for me please?? Pretty pretty please!!!!!

Sometimes I'm just curios if anyone is reading my blog, because I never receive any comments! hahaha. Hello?!!! Anyone here?!!!


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