Saturday, January 26, 2013

What are my nicknames?

Sawadeeka! I'm going to do some mumbling before the comic, so just skip to the comic if you are lazy to read! XD

As I mentioned last week, this week is suppose to be GOOOOOOOOD and it really was! Although it did not went as planned but it was still very good.

Had a great catch-up and farewell dinner with my SOT mates. Love being with them, because I can be myself in front of them, no reservation. I can be too straight forward sometimes, but they all used to it already. Hope we can do this again, but with one flying off soon, I think is a bit hard. Never mind, we can work things out.

Yesterday was a holiday, had a great time in Saloon pampering my hair and got myself a new look. Finally dyed my hair, change the side of my split and trim it a little. Super love it! Finally can cross out the "Wonder how it feels like to get my hair dyed" from the list of things I want to experience. Hehe. I think next one will be piercing. But let's wait and see, I'm kinna... sort of... scare of pain.

Had a very awkward yet fun CG "meeting" too! With only a girl and a boy, then a girl with 2 boys and later on added one couple, it was awkwardly fun. Finally know them better, and got to kepo know about others even better too! Love my CG very very much! Secretly tell you they are one of the main reason I want to stay in KL.

Oh! By the way! I'm starting my Thai class today, I'm soooo excited about it! Is going to be fun~ Next time I can post secrets here in Thai and no one will understand! I mean, at least most of you~ Hehehe

Anyway, here's the comic for this weekend~ Enjoy!

Yup! Different people whom I know from different stage of life have given me different nicknames. Now people normally call me by my real name, but I'm actually hoping that they can call me by the name "Constance". Give this name myself during my time in Singapore. Blogged bout it before, you can read it here. Most of them think that this name is unique and nice~ What do you think?


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