Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Banner

I've been feeling under the weather for a couple of days.... After completing my banner design on Wednesday, I fell sick and only felt better this morning... But sad to say, my life now is like a beach, one wave after another~ (what a description~><) My back was in serious pain this morning and it hurt more when I try to turn over my body... So I literally lay on my bed the whole day until I need to answer a nature's call if you know what I mean~ XD...

After a whole afternoon of wetting my bed with tears and scratching my bed sheet out of pain, I decided to challenge the pain and just try to stand and walk... It wasn't easy at all, I was walking like an old lady... After sometime, I felt better in my standing position, but is still hard for me to change position... The pain occur every time I stand up from my sitting position~ >< I wonder what went wrong this time, as I did not pulled my muscle like I did last time~ The pain just came out of no where.... *STRESS*

Anyway, enough of my mumbling... I'm here to share my new banner! XD kinna like the current "this blog is under construction" banner but still my blog can't be under construction forever! so tadaaaa~~~~

heheheheh~ I wanted to do 2 separate drawings for those 2 faces before posting this.... But seems like my plan is not on schedule~ So I'll try to put those ideas into drawing as soon as possible! till then~ tata!!!

P/S: Do pray for my back! I'm leaving to Singapore soon and this condition is not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!!


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